Film & Video Production
Emmy Winning Story Telling

Tell your corporate, industrial, and personal story with award-winning crew and support for an effective campaign. Short films & features, TV pilots, company legacies, and more.


Education & Mentorship
Beyond Brick & Mortar Institutions

BOM provides a different approach to learning the industry. With many years of educational teaching & mentorship, we seek the best and brightest of talent to progress into the next gen indsutry superstars.


Industry Master Class Workshops
Sharing Decades of Experience

With a track record of sharing years of hard learned facts in our industry, BOM and its founder puts on per-request workshops that highlight the needs of industry professionals in and around the grass-roots level crowd.

2017 Scheduled Workshops
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Glass Plate + Liquid SPFX Cinematography
June 3, 2017

Learn some old school techniques on how to crete some creative spfx elements for your productions... In studio, two 4K cameras, and all of the items necessary to create otherworldly visions...

Macro & High Frame Rate Slo-Mo Cinematography
July 10, 2017

We will explore macro & high FPS slo-mo options filming products, food, flora, liquids and more...

Contact us to start your education
You are responsibile for your own intellect...

Allow us to guide, educate, and feed your hunger for more knowledge. We offer mini-classes that can be taken over a weekend in-studio. Small groups of 5 or less as well as one-on-one highly instensive production courses.

  • Script Writing
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Industry Networking

Pre-Production & Production
Bliss in the form of manual labor...


We produce just about everything in English & Spanish. Short-form & Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials, Direct Reponse, Industrial, Medical, Non-Profit, Educational & Instructional. Let us help plan your next production. It's what we do!

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