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Digital Creative Strategies

We have Quantitative and Qualitative research capacities that allow the video messeages that we produce to be the most effective as possible. These research and focus groups which we can build in almost any national market, allows us pinpoint the reason why we create such bueatiful eye candy and visual work. It's REASON behind the visual, not just art for art's sake. That is a mistake by many young production companies who have not worked with high level makreting agencies or clients.

Video Production & Post.

Video production and post-production is at our core. Our creative team has a broadstroke skill set that distills many decades of video production experience with small business to Fortune 100 company projects.

Our strengths and core talents are in high definition video production. From script to screen. Concept to completion. Allow us to take your next video production project to a new level of quality and effectiveness.

Workshops & Education

Having been mentors, teachers, and professors at industry-centric educational institutions, we have ventured on our own to address the direct issues involving our industry's problems and issues in training our work forces. Spending tens of thousands of dollars to come into an industry that has yet to place you in a valuable position is, in my opinion, hurtful and almost extortion. We provide Intermediate & Master Class Workshops for film production, dialog scence development, Practical SPFX, Scene Lighting, and Camera Operation.


Our workshops differ every 60 days. Be on the look out for your specific interests in our classes. Sign up for our newsletter for best class for you.







Recent Posts:

» BOM completes international roll-out of new iPhone game app trailer for Zynga: creator for Words With Friends & more.

» BOM & the Society of American Magaicians negotiationg for epic 10-part documentary

» BOM says, "keep it secret...keep it safe." Currently negotiating a feature film opportunity that will lead to the silver screens. More to come!


Looking For:

Scripts submissions for trailer video production. We have now opened new doorways for low, middle and high end production.


Next workshop will cover using varying densities of liquid to create memserizing particles, flowing colors, and other ideas for use in film making.

KEEP THE CAMERA MOVING.                 This advanced workshop will break down dialog scenes, blocking, and how to keep visual interest by moving the camera in the scene.


Jason Van Sickel, Producer

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